Saturday, June 1, 2013

Labyrinth at the Dom

After a rather good dinner at our hostel, our group set out to investigate the city at night on a very special mission:

Crossing the river by night. You can see carriages that often take tourists around town.

To cross the main street we went through a tunnel with incredible street art

But alas, horse drawn carriages and street art were a second to the evening's highlight.

Our first night in Austria became a magical one because it happened that Salzburg was having a once-a-year, all churches open until midnight event.

The Dom (cathedral), which is at the heart of the old city of Salzburg and one of the city's crowning jewels, hosted an incredible tea light labyrinth before its central altar.

The experience of the cathedral at night, with only candlelight to give the grand interior light, was magical.

Here are some photos of Salzburgers and tourists alike walking the labyrinth:

The facade of the Dom

A woman in period dress making incredibly spiritual music using opaque white glass bowls filled with water

 The labyrinth with a view toward one of the side chapels (a group is placing their candles in the center)

For those who wanted to walk the labyrinth, small beeswax candles could be purchased for a few Euros at a suggested donation. Holding the candle after lighting it, one enters the labyrinth and proceeds slowly through the carefully set out tea lights. The idea is to purify the soul and meditate as you walk. Believers and non-believers, Salzburgers and tourists, all walked in reverence and silence. It was beautiful to behold.

In the center of the labyrinth is a box filled with sand where the candles carried by people who chose to walk the labyrinth are placed. Women and men (young and old), as well as children, and individuals with disabilities (I saw a man in a wheelchair) all participated. It was deeply moving and uplifting. And a magical way to begin our journey in Salzburg.

The slow and careful journey through the sacred lights

Tea lights!

One of the church women is relighting a candle. 

All in all it was a beautiful event and a blessing to be able to see it on our first night in Salzburg. May the rest of our journey together be as spiritually uplifting and happy.

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  1. I hope it doesn't rain too much. It was reported a lot of flooding this week end.