Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Munich in the Rain

June 1st to the 3rd was endlessly rainy. Rainy and very, very cold. From everyone I've spoken with, it's a very unusual summer. Very unusual. And the unexpected rain has generated unprecedented summer flooding, the likes of which hasn't happened in more than a decade.

It's a good thing that a majority of our activities in Munich were indoors, namely churches, cafes and museums!

Our first night was spent navigating to our respective hotels and then meeting for dinner at the famous Hofbrauhaus in Munchen (Munich), also called a beer garden.

Venison Stew with dumplings

Suckling pig with dumplings

Giant pretzels for sale!

Munich celebrating the night of the championship game!

Hofbrauhaus band

Beer garden in the Munchen rain!

"Traditional" German/Austrian dress for men and women on the way home. These are very popular and VERY expensive! 


  1. I hope you got to try out the pretzels. They're amaaaaazing!

    1. Every chance I got! Pretzels and apple strudel were my two things to try everywhere!