Monday, August 20, 2012

Jumping for joy in San Francisco

Well this past weekend was wonderful. Once again, San Francisco I love thee!

Here are some pictures from a surprisingly warm day on the beach and a beautiful walk to Eagle Point from Sutro Heights!

Peach and Sour Cherry pie with tea from Beachside cafe at 48th and Judah! So dang cute!!!

 Container ship!

The Pacific at low tide!

Sutro Heights from the shoreline

The very end of Golden Gate Park along the Great Highway!

A family of Cypress trees above the Sutro Baths

 View towards Baker Beach

The sun shimmering off the water!

I love, love, love these California colors and the few fleeting minutes when fog and mist suddenly cleared :-)

Eagle Point! 

And the sea churns...

And the fishermen wait...

And on such a beautiful day, I like to jump for joy with a friend! ;P

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Renegade photo of Sunnyvale!

I've been wanting a photo of this for over a year and one night I was daring enough to tresspass to get it. It's a shot of the sun going down over the Sunnyvale Caltrain tracks.

It's funny how a bit of whimsy makes the familiar seem magical. Every time I pass by the sunset or sit in traffic overlooking the tracks, it makes me smile!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Camping in Marin County!

In and out of the Golden Gate within two days is awesome fun! A change of scene can really change your mood and whole outlook on the world. Adventuring in Sonoma County = top ten places for sure!

Like bookends for our trip, the fog covering the Golden Gate Bridge was a gateway and a beacon toward home.

Rolling into and out of the mysterious fog- one of my favorite things about the city by the bay!

The unofficial border of San Francisco! ;P ....

Et voila! Sweltering heat...

The mountains just north of San Francisco.

For lunch we stopped at a place called Tomales Bay, where you can buy freshly harvested oysters and eat them to your heart's content. If I have to eat oysters, this is the best place to try them!

The trip was a great occasion too! One of my favorite people in the whole world was celebrating a birthday by inviting a bunch of friends to go camping!

The campsite was called Doran park which is a tiny strip of land between the Pacific Ocean and Bodega Bay.

It's very pretty and also very, very, very foggy. The night was cold, but the campfire was warm and the company as well!

After staying in Doran park overnight, I spent a few hours the next morning hanging out in Petaluma's historic downtown district with a friend! 

This mecca of early European settlement is one of my new favorite places to visit. In fact many of the towns in this area are adorably cute. Future vacation plans = in the works.

Among the treasures of the morning was breakfast at Hallie's Diner. Plantain breakfast burritos and homemade blueberry pancakes = what?! :)

Downtown Petaluma was filled with antique shops and cute boutiques. As per usual, I bought books I didn't need, but couldn't resist. Who can say no to "Historic Buildings in California"? Not me!

My favorite store by far was a crazy museum/antique store/historic site/treasure trove/awesome! Housed within what was once the American Trust Company Bank and later Wells Fargo, there is a literal treasure trove that is a sight to be seen. I wish I'd taken more photos, but somehow photography seemed inappropriate, even though no one seemed to discourage it.

I did sneak a few from the upstairs balcony, which overlooks what was once the main floor of the bank! If you get a hankering to visit, ask for the grand tour! Shower, bank vaults and ancient elevator below!!!

Highly, highly recommend Vintage Bank Antiques!

Driving into the city from Marin County after a few errands!

With the city's Iron Walls shrouded in the misty fog!

The official border. I really do prefer the foggy one. 

C'est finis! What a wonderful trip to remember for years to come! 

On the staircase of Vintage Bank Antiques, née the American Trust Company Bank, ca. 1926!