Monday, August 20, 2012

Jumping for joy in San Francisco

Well this past weekend was wonderful. Once again, San Francisco I love thee!

Here are some pictures from a surprisingly warm day on the beach and a beautiful walk to Eagle Point from Sutro Heights!

Peach and Sour Cherry pie with tea from Beachside cafe at 48th and Judah! So dang cute!!!

 Container ship!

The Pacific at low tide!

Sutro Heights from the shoreline

The very end of Golden Gate Park along the Great Highway!

A family of Cypress trees above the Sutro Baths

 View towards Baker Beach

The sun shimmering off the water!

I love, love, love these California colors and the few fleeting minutes when fog and mist suddenly cleared :-)

Eagle Point! 

And the sea churns...

And the fishermen wait...

And on such a beautiful day, I like to jump for joy with a friend! ;P

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