Monday, June 17, 2013

Out and about in Salzburg!

Between lectures and with limited time off, I had a bit of time to explore Salzburg with friends. Here are some pictures about town. Salzburg is beautiful, even in endless rain...

Walking into the city we pass by a beautiful fountain

And one of the oldest cafes in Salzburg which makes amazing....

Hot Chocolate

On the first Sunday after our arrival a group of us attended Sunday mass at the Dom. The choir that performs is incredible. When I have time to edit the video, I'll share it.

After Mass we had a short time to explore before heading back to lecture at the seminar. Outside the massive facade of the Dom, I bought watercolor paintings of the city from a street artist. I also bought a pretzel at the market (major item on the bucket list!) and decided to explore the catacombs of St. Peter's Church in the time we had left. The catacombs have amazing views of the Dom and a beautifully cared for cemetery.

Pretzels in the market outside the Dom

View of the Dom from the catacombs

Cemetery outside the catacombs

Carved into the side of the cliffs is a medieval chapel. Inside the darkened and dank space was an altar and frescoes only visible through a camera lens.

Fun fact about Austria: There is limited space in many cemeteries and because of this graves are rented rather than owned. They require monthly rent from the family and once no one is able to pay the rent, the bodies are exhumed and placed in a catacomb.

Walking back to Schloss Leopoldskron and lunch...

That night, I decided to spend a bit of the evening writing in the library with a friend. It was an incredible experience to work in this beautiful and historic space, with ancient stucco and carvings, the smell of old books, and polished wood. I sat on the second floor where there are several desks in front of small round windows that face the Schloss grounds. It was an incredibly inspiring place to write.

On our other free afternoon of exploration, I set off with some friends, again in the pouring rain (I'm skeptical at this point that summer ever comes to Salzburg)...

 Salzburg painted eggs shop, one of the most unique place for souvenirs in the old city

Although we had already eaten lunch, we decided to have a second lunch and check off some more bucket list items in Salzburg :)


 Balkan Curry Sausage stand line (seriously amazing food!) For 3,50 one gets two sausages in a hotdog bun with curry powder, onions, mustard, and parsley. It is delicious, especially the kick of spice in the freezing cold rain. My friend and I hid beneath a protruding porch in the medieval alleyway and ate our Balkan Sausages with lemonade soda before trying one of Salzburg's infamous treats...

The Salzburger Nockerl at the famous Mozart Cafe

....a souffle dessert with berries underneath. After a lunch at the Schloss, and a second lunch of Curry Balkan sausages (my friend an I were determined to sample as much of Salzburger cuisine as possible) it was very filling, and absolutely delicious.

Gingerbread at a market stall on our way back to the Schloss

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