Sunday, May 26, 2013

First Afternoon of Sightseeing

Well, now we found ourselves in a hostel and feeling a little more human. With coupon vouchers for our breakfast and dinner in hand, we stashed our stuff, took a few beats to unpack, and call loved ones, then headed out to see the Mirabell Gardens.

Salzburg is pretty as a poem. The colors are pastels and striking against the blue or grey sky.

My bunk bed (the top one)

The day was overcast and quite cold, but the Mirabel gardens were beautiful. Here are some pictures!

After the gardens we stopped at a little market that sold cold cuts and cheese, as well as olives and exotic sweets. I bought German bread and really yummy cheese!

To find a bit of warmth on the way home we stopped by a coffee shop and had hot chocolate or Mozart coffee, which came with whipped cream and a Mozart ball!

After dinner tonight we head out to the candle lit labyrinth at the Dom (the city's cathedral).


  1. Less statues, more food! What is that salami? YUM

    1. Some sort of deliciousness that I definitely tried. Wish I took more careful notes to share! :)

  2. Replies
    1. See my comment to D! You guys are too funny. :)