Friday, June 10, 2011

Lazy Morning

Well after yesterday, it is not a surprise that both my roommate and I are feeling lazy. This morning we went down to try the buffet breakfast at our hostel. It was good. Especially the bacon! I learned a new word, "albicoca" which means apricot.

After breakfast we are back in the room and I'm doing some research and planning. The seating across from the Santa Croce cathedral is being installed for the upcoming "Calcio Storico." From my city guide of events, the Calcio Storico is an annual soccer/rugby hybrid game (with no rules!) played on St. John the Baptist's (patron saint of Florence) feast day. That day there are parades of clergy and Calcio Storico players in their medieval regalia throughout the city center, the game itself which is a competition between teams of players from the four districts of the city in their particular colors, and fireworks at night over the Arno. In the city guide from the tourist office the event is described as "Calcio Storico: Where Real Men Play." Guess what I'll be doing on June 24th?

A few other entries have struck my fancy:

(1) Visiting Siena which is a stone throw away from Florence by bus (only an hour)
(2) As well as the smaller San Gimignano medieval city with ceramic shops and boar heads in butcher shops 

(3) The Picasso, Miro, Dali exhibit that is advertised all over the city maybe even today..., maybe even today
(4) Mercato Centrale- the central farmer's market in Florence which is somewhere near our hostel
(5) The Ponte Vecchio- the oldest bridge in Florence 1345, only bridge not bombed in WWII, which is famous for its jewelry shops.

That's it for tourist thoughts for now.
Oh wait. For my knitting friends, I've found this store to check out C, what do you think?



  1. Rugby/soccer (ahem football) hybrid with no rules?!? Take pictures. Lots.

  2. great yarn store, thanks for the info, keep looking for more on your great journey in Florence