Friday, February 10, 2012


Over Thanksgiving I went to visit my awesome blossom family in San Diego and on the Friday after Turkey Day we drove to Hollywood to see the new Cirque du Soleil show.

My 7-year-old cousin: "People who live under the Hollywood sign are REALLY lucky!"
My Uncle: I lived under the Hollywood sign and I didn't feel THAT lucky.
My cousin = LOL!

IRIS: A JOURNEY THROUGH THE WORLD OF CINEMA! Live at the Kodak Theater! The show was inspired by early movie making and had a make-it-in-Hollywood theme. Sadly, no pictures were allowed :(

Running through the fountain after the show.

We walked around a bit before leaving the Kodak Theater mall. It was my first time seeing the sidewalk with stars on it! Well, I think it was the first time. Anyhow, sometimes it's fun to take touristy pictures :) :

After the show we drove down Melrose Boulevard, past all the shops and restaurants to get a really, really yummy dinner. There is a chain of Cuban restaurants in the L.A. area called Versailles.

My AWESOME dinner! Everything from the bread, to the entree was mmmmmm, mmmmmm, good!

The Cuban food at Versailles = easily my top 5 ethnic places ever!

First came some yummy bread in a basket. It tasted a bit like popcorn. Probably because of the melted butter goodness on it! Next came chicken with plantains, beans and rice. 

The chicken is too die for! Roasted and drenched in a garlicky, tangy sauce with fresh onions. Each plate has half a chicken (woohoo!) and comes with amazing plantains. This meal was superb!

To balance out the flavors I ordered a mango milkshake at my Aunt's suggestion. The milkshakes here are awesome too! They aren't thick or frozen. I think they're made with just milk and fruit! I ordered a mango one, but they have other flavors like banana (on right) which my uncle ordered. :-)

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