Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shopping, Saying Goodbye to the Arno and more CSU Summer Arts Friends


Today was a bit of a sad day. People were headed home and the days were counting down. I spent the majority of the day packing, going to the train station to buy myself a going away present, shopping at the market, walking a bit with friends, moving into my new room, and saying goodbye.

Porcinis at the Mercato Centrale- too bad I can't take the basket on the plane....

At the market I went a bit crazy buying everything that I had been considering and ogling...

Italian Candy, Cantucci, Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Truffle pieces, Tuscan Cantaloupe Liquer, Pasta in funny shapes, dried Porcini Mushrooms, Scarves, Tshirts, etc. Also, some beautiful Florentine paper with beautiful prints. Hopefully it will all fit in my suitcases!
After going home with my gigantic horde of  Florentine souvenirs, I headed out with friends to walk around.

Along the way I stopped for my favorite Kebap and asked the lovely owner for her picture!

Not being so into department store shopping, I decided to walk out to the Arno one more time. It was a long day and I was tired, but it was worth the long walk to be able to see the water one more time! I took my time walking along the Arno- going the long way and cutting across to Santa Maria Novella, San Lorenzo and the Mercato before coming home.
On the way back to the hostel I ran into a shop near the Mercato Centrale where a baker was making what we call Biscotti and Florentines call Cantucci. Il Cantuccio Di San Lorenzo is one of the best bakeries in Florence. Highly, highly recommend. It was closed the rest of the days I was in Florence! :(

That night, I had dinner with friends from the program. I ordered a Bruschetta il Funghi- which was a toast with salad, fresh Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and cooked Porcinis. It was alright. Definitely not my favorite meal. Gratefully, I also ordered gnocchi with pesto!

My friends ordered burgers...yum, yum.

Before going home we went to an ATM on one of the central boulevards near our hostel. There, my friend saw what I have been looking for all over! The whimsical street artist sign, which I bought a sticker of! :) I don't know if you can see clearly, but it's a devil with a pitchfork! How awesome is Florence for officially allowing street-sign art!?

Off to bed. Tomorrow I'm going to .....

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