Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Arrivederci Firenze!


After yesterday I was exhausted and a bit anxious to make sure that everything was packed and ready to go. Also, I wanted to be sure that I was quiet for my new roommates when I got up in the morning. One roommate is from Finland (I stayed up late to chat with her about her travels and homeland) and the other one is from Australia and was exhausted from a day of wine country tours. It was fun to know where they were from and hear about hostel hopping.

Bye Florence!

Leaving quietly, I ordered a taxi from the front desk. The driver was just on time! It was both sad and a huge relief to be leaving Plus Florence! The ride to the airport was quick and after repackaging my suitcases (one was too heavy), I got to check them both for the duration of my flight (woohoo!) due to the fact that my first plane was T-I-N-Y!

Flying out of FLR! In the middle of the picture and slightly to the left you can see the outline of the Duomo! One of my favorite pictures because the chance to snap it was so fleeting!

Swiss Air snack! Unlike the horror of a snack on the plane ride into Florence, this was delicious! Fresh pretzel with butter of a morning = :-)

The Alps

Florentine heatwave --> Crisp Alpine snow =  beautiful!

Flying into Zurich: topography! :-)

One of my favorite things about flying is seeing the patchwork-quilt of land below!

 Zurich buildings :-)

 Zurich outside of the airport! The air is so clear and fresh it is remarkable!

The plane that would carry me home! Well not home exactly....home to our nation's capital.

I had just enough time to sprint from one area of the airport to the other, but I did manage to snap a handful of pictures.

D- just for you. Macaron ad! By....

Cream puff pyramid!

Customs. Fast and efficient. I don't know if I'm really supposed to take pictures here, but nonetheless!

On to the tram that takes me to the wing of the airport I need. The ride was funny because the loudspeaker made cow mooing noises. A smart quip by an American, "very appropriate for the herding of cattle!"

Damn. Damn. Missed that one!

The cattle herd

Goodbye Zurich!

Washington D.C.- or somewhere near Dulles International. Thus far, this airport is my least favorite of any I've been to. Huffing it across an airport that size sucks. It was easily the length of a brisk walk from my hostel to the Arno. Not only do passengers have to walk that far, but pilots and air hostesses too! Come on, D.C.! Really? Seriously? 

Home George!

My Florence adventure ends. Continental/United = meh.
An international flight + Two layovers = San Francisco, I LOVE YOU!

Journey at an end!

Papa --> Highway 101 --> Dinner --> My bed :-))))

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  1. You do realize that its illegal in most countries to take pictures while going through customs? :P I'm surprised you managed to take a pic while on the escalator without falling too! Ha!