Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shoreline Shores!

Fridays, I have come to realize, are AWESOME! Especially when work is finished, the weekend hasn't yet started, and it's lovely weather for a walk.

Rather than going home for a nap, I decided to drive a bit out of my way and go for a walk by the bay.

Shoreline at Mountain View Park is a familiar haunt. I once attempted windsurfing and sailing here while in summer camp! Aquatic sports aside, the lake itself always seemed beautiful to me and in the softer light of late afternoon it surely is. The breeze off the water, the geese feeding, the birds chirping, the squirrels darting in and out of their tunnels, it all makes the week melt away on a sigh.

The park has a charm to it. It's manicured with benches strategically placed. It blends the wild and the tame together; it is at the edge of Silicon Valley and the indomitable San Francisco Bay. I like the juxtaposition. The children run and play on the playground and along the paths, adults sit or stroll, just beyond the lake bikers ride the paved trail along the bay. I mainly meandered and took pictures, which was great fun and very, very relaxing. The mild weather made it a pure pleasure.


Younger trees

Path connecting the man-made lake with the trail along the bay!

Strategically placed bench, amidst windblown trees!

It's summer now in California, and wild grass has turned golden. I loved the colors of the afternoon.


Edge of the Silicon Valley. Somewhere near here is the Google complex.

This park also boasts a historical site and an afternoon isn't quite perfect without a bit of culture. It was a treat to photograph Rengstorff House in the fading light!


There are some beautiful flowers planted close to the house. This vibrant Hydrangea was the only instance of bright pink among the more natural greens and browns of the park.

Next to Shoreline Lake and Rengstorff house is a golf course. I decided to trespass along the edge to get a better look at the Rengstorff windmill and also see what the golf course looked like.

 I quickly realized that I wasn't the only trespasser there...

A giant gaggle of geese was grazing amid the grass of the golf course. :-)

Pelicans?! Oh my! You can see the gaggle of geese grazing on the opposite shore!

The afternoon was wonderful. I'm truly glad to have spent the rest of a hectic day in the gentle breeze and beauty of Shoreline at Mountain View Park!

Driving back to my life on the mainland, I passed by Shoreline amphitheater, where I've seen a lot of amazing concerts! Here you can see the blue of the Santa Cruz mountains in the distance!

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